. . . the greatest Master is much less a Teacher than a Presence pouring the divine consciousness and its constituting light and power and purity and bliss into all who are receptive around him.
Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo &
Mirra Alfassa - Mother

Sri Aurobindo - Suffering comes like pleaser and good fortune as an inevitable part of life in ignorance    

"Bases of Yoga" - Sri Aurobindo - >>>

Thoughts and Aforisms - Sri Aurobindo - read >>> - download >>>

"The Synthesis of Yoga" - Sri Aurobindo - ENG >>>

"The Live Divine" - Sri Aurobindo - ENG >>>

Evening Talks (Aurobindo talks to his disciples) - Purani - ENG >>>

Sanskrit terms for Integral Yoga literature (pdf-file with interactive functions) - ENG >>>

"Karmayogin" the magazine that published political writing and speeches from Sri Aurobindos (1909-10) >>>

Savitri - mantric poetry - >>>

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Nikolaus & Helena

Nikolaus Roerich - Знающий ищет. Познавший - находит. Нашедший изумляется легкости овладения. Овладевший поет песнь радости. Радуйся! Радуйся! Радуйся! Ловец,трижды позванный.    

Poetry, Paintings and "Heart of Asia" - Roerich - ENG

Roerichs Library ( ENG - GER - FRA - books )

Agni Yoga - Roerich - ENG - GER

Swami Vivekananda






Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana - Ihr findet das Licht durch tiefes Sinnen und haufige Meditation    

"Who Am I?" - "Self Inquiry" - Sri Ramana Maharshi - ENG

"Wer bin Ich?" - Sri Ramana Maharshi - GER

Porfiry Ivanov



"How to get rid of deaseases and become healthy" >>>

"Dear Child" >>>

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Happiest who stand on faith as on a rock.
Sri Aurobindo
When you no longer possess anything, you can become as vast as the universe.
The Mother