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Soon I will be 85 years old. Out of them, I gave 50 years to the practical search for ways of healthy life. For this reason I daily test on myself various qualities of Nature, especially its rough side. I am filled with desire to transmit all my experience to our youth and all the Soviet people*. It is my gift to them.


Dear Child,

You are filled with desire to be useful to all Soviet people, the builders of Communism (meant are the people in Russia of that time - your nation). For this reason try to be healthy.

It is my hearty request to you: accept from me several suggestions in addition to what was written in "Ogonyek" ("The Little Flame"), No 8, 1982, so you can strengthen your health.

1. Twice a day bathe in cold natural water -- to feel good. Bathe in anywhere you can: lake, river, bathtub, shower, or just poor water over your body. These are Your natural conditions. Finish hot bath with cold water.

2. Before bathing and after it (and if possible during it) come to Nature, stand barefoot on the ground (on snow during winter) for at least 1-2 minutes. Breathe air in through your mouth several times and mentally wish good health to yourself and to all the people.

3. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.

4. Try at least once a week to live completely without food and water from Friday 6 pm - 8 pm till Sunday 12:00 (Noon). These are your reward and rest. If you find it difficult, try at least to fast for one day (24 hrs).

5. Sunday at Noon (12:00) come to Nature barefoot, breathe air in several times and think, as I described above. It is celebration of your effort! After this you can eat anything you like.

6. Love Nature that surrounds you. Do not spit around and spit nothing out of yourself. Make it a habit - it is your health.

7. Say "Hello" (Wishing health, in Russian "Zdravstvuite") to everyone everywhere, especially to aged people. If you wish to have good health - wish health to everyone by greeting them.

8. Help people with anything you can, especially the poor, ill, hurt, and the needy. Do it with joy. Respond to his/her need with all your heart and soul. You'll make a friend and will help the matter of Peace in the world!

9. Conquer in yourself greed, laziness, complacency, material gain, fear, hypocrisy, and pride. Trust people and love them. Do not speak ill about people and do not take close to your heart unkind opinions about them.

10. Free your mind from thoughts about diseases, illnesses, and death. This is your victory.

11. Do not separate thought from action. You've read it - good for you, but most important - act !

12. Tell others and spread this experience, but do not brag or behave aloof. Be modest.

If you do not understand something, then write to me. I am always ready to share my experience for your success.

Wishing you happiness and good health.

Porfiry Korneyevich Ivanov.

My address: Ukraine, Voroshilovgradsky region, Sverdlovsky district, post office Dolzhanskoe, hutor Verhny Kondryuchy, 58 Sadovaya street

* Teacher Ivanov lived during the Soviet time of Russia (1983)

Nearly 50 years Porphiri Korneevich has been walking on our land, barefooted and naked, persecuted and humble in order to create this House. "In our Lugansk region at the hutor Verhnij Kondryuchi there is the House of the common character. Here any person could come with soul and heart with his love to the teacher. He will be taking people and giving the health". - the Teacher words. "This House is the people. They built it, they must not forget about it - this is their health. The main thing - with them always the Teacher". The House of the Teacher or the House of Health is situated in Lugansk region Western Ukraine, village Verhni Kondryuchi, Sadovaya Street, 58. It was built under the Teacher's suggestion at the farmstead of Valentina Leontyevna Sukharevskaya's, his great desiple. The House was being built with the hand of Valentina Leontyevna, Pyotr Matlaev, Mark Ponomaryov and a man from Roven'ki village Alexsej by name. The building was going very hard because of the shortage of the means. The people refused everything of their needs. But the House was built practically in half a year. Valentina Leontyevna tells: "They built the House in 1970. There was no any project, or an architect, I measured the walls with my own steps. All the metals things, all the electricity, all the plank - everything "from the beginning up to the end" Pyotr Nikitovich Matlayev did. We were building and built it. Began at the end of May and to the 1st of January 1971 we entered this House already. On the New Year there was the common dinner table in the House. And I asked the Teacher: "Teacher, bless this house in order to live for me in it". But the Teacher turned back and went away. I didn't know yet then that this House is intended by the Teacher for all the people".
The Teacher: ' This House must serve for all the people - those who are living already, who hasn't been born yet and who hasn't known me yet'. With the very beginning this House was never empty. It was always open for ill and needed people and who was looking for the meaning of life. Here they got their health and belief. The Teacher took the people, Valentina Leontyevna poured the water over them. Sometime the Teacher talked with the new-comers, and answered their questions. After the Teacher passed away, the people wishing to come to the House became not less but rather more. Here is His Spirit left. The House is blessed by Him.



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