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(Leningrad 1951)


1. Why Did I Become an Innovator?
2. When and What Led Me To the Idea of Tempering?
3. When and Where I began My Tempering?
4. The Way and Stages of My Tempering.
5. The Results and Achievements of My Tempering.
6. My method of tempering.
7. The Conditions and Program of Tempering Based on My Method.



1. Why Did I Become an Innovator?

I became an innovator not because I wanted to get lots of money and fame.
The people, who want to become innovators for the sake of money and fame, are not innovators, but bad people and lairs, because the truth is not important to them, but fame and money. I don't belong to such people. In my work and research, on the contrary, I denied myself money and luxuries of life, consciously accepted sacrifice and ridicule, and denied myself even the ordinary things that people have.
I became an innovator because from my early childhood I felt in me power and ambition to achieve something special, useful to people. However, at first I didn't know what in particular. I simply knew one thing from the beginning: it is necessary to help all poor, suffering people, and that the help is possible to find, and find in something new, not in old ordinary things.
I am an innovator because this is the way I was born by Nature and how my life made me. I am innovator because I was born in the old country, amongst the poverty and poor health of poor working class; because I have read Karl Marx's "The Capital" and found out that working people must become and will become hosts of the World and all Nature. For this I participated with others in revolution. Also for this, I later distanced myself and began to strive (for my goal) and leave behind people of the past, those who were lazy and weak, for the future. I began to sacrifice myself for this future, to reach for it and get its treasures, to deliver them to poor suffering people and offer them the Way to these treasures.

2. When and What Led Me To the Idea of Tempering?

From my early childhood I was very sensitive and inquisitive about all Nature and life surrounding me, and felt extremely sorry, sometimes tearfully, for people, especially for the poor. I watched how people around me got illnesses, suffered and died before their time because they had no means and knowledge to resist Nature, to its awesome powers - cold temperatures and diseases.
When I was seven years old and witnessed my grandfather's death from a snowstorm after he fell in the steppe during it, the mall seed of the Idea was born in me, along with sorrow and fear, about the necessity of studying Nature and finding self-defense from it. Since then, the small seed has been growing in me, making my mind restless. Disease and death of people during cholera in 1913 and all that was happening around me, did not let me forget about it, and nourished and empowered the small seed inside me. But there was no soil and gardener yet. I felt in me powers to be a hero of the people but had no opportunity to study. I did not know how to use my powers for people against Nature. My life and myself were my teachers. My Idea has not only grown, it blossomed for me clearly only from practical life.

In the winter of 1933 I saw a man who walked without a hat and was not afraid of frosts, cold, and diseases. I suddenly realized that a conditioned (tempered) man is not afraid of Nature. In a human being there are powers to resist Nature, and that I and anyone else must have and develop these powers further. This thought preoccupied my mind.
Sometimes in 1934, when I was studying from books, for a moment I felt tired and saw in a dream: a beautiful young man bravely walking on snow without any clothes. I woke up from this vision with excitement. It was so impressive to me that it became my example, my goal.
Later the same year, I saw another bright and impressive dream from the workings of my subconscious mind. In this dream I saw myself climbing up the side of a haystack, which stood on unusual unplowed earth and was made of pure kernels of wheat. The haystack turned upside down and a flood of grain began to pour on me from every direction. But I didn't die underneath; instead, I rose to the top of the precious grain mountain. I interpreted the dream: the haystack symbolized Nature; the grain symbolized its conditions and powers that are Nature's treasures. And if I bravely would climb on it, it will crush me from every direction with all its powers and conditions, but they are its treasures, and therefore I would not die underneath, but would stand on the top of the whole gigantic pile of Nature's treasures as Master.
From all this in 1934 the Idea appeared in me and a Brave Decision to find and develop powers inside of me to not fear Nature but to go into it to obtain its treasures, its conditions and powers so that they would not cause harm and horror but be useful to people. So a human being would not be afraid, depend on or suffer from Nature because of his body, but would become a Master of his body and all Nature. I have decided to temper and condition my body so it will not get harm from Nature but benefit, to pave the way to Nature's riches for our people and everyone.

3. When and Where I Began My Tempering?

I began my tempering (conditioning) in 1934 when I lived in city Armavir, in my free time after work in "Armlesdrevpromsoyuz" (The State logging industry of Armavir).

I had no teacher, no one to ask for advice on how to begin and what to do; there were no books about it.

There were only a goal and desire: to reach that goal by any means! From my childhood I differed from others by courage and eagerness for any task. I sacrificed my own body to find and give to people the Means and Way of Physical Conditioning (Tempering) and health in their fight against Nature.

4. The Way and Stages of My Tempering.

On January 25, 1934 I permanently threw away my hat and no matter if it was cold or rained, I decided to never wear it. Despite cold and rain, walking with uncovered head, not only did I not get cold or headaches, but felt much better, especially during rain and fog. My head became clear and I felt influx of health and strength. Therefore I decided to not wear a hat during winter and I spent winters of 1934-35 without it. Seeing such success, that frost does not harm my exposed head and even adds to it's health, vigor and strength, during that same winter I decided to expand the frontier of my tempering and began to come outside at night without any top, however still in boots.
Topless in frost I remained at first for 10-15-30 minutes and soon felt as good and vigorous as after a cold shower. So I walked topless for the whole winter season. In December 1934 I moved from Armavir to my hometown Krasny Sulin. For a while I refrained from my tempering, not to confuse my relatives and acquaintances with my unusual behavior so they wouldn't think I was crazy. I lived and worked like everyone else, but it did not satisfy me. Therefore, in May 1935, when I was expelled from work without right to any employment for 6 months, because some considered me to be a Pope (priest), I decided to use the opportunity to dedicate myself completely to my innovative work. Taking off all the cloths from my body, but shorts, I walked all summer 1935 in steppe and forests of Donbas: studied the action of different Natural forces - air, wind, thunderstorm, sun, dawn and dusk, electrical storms - on my organism; tested and developed forces and abilities on my organism, especially the stomach and the nervous system, as the Master of all.
At the same time I began to preach my method of conditioning and health to all I met, and helped the sick and the powerless to conquer diseases and get off their beds.
During that summer period I strengthened my health and developed protective forces of my organism to the point that I became the master of my body and learned to use various forces and conditions of Nature for my benefit. In autumn of 1935 the 6 months period of my forced unemployment ended. I returned home to help my family. Putting on my cloths and getting a job, I still walked without a hat.
During the month of learning my new job, I had not practiced my tempering, only tested my powers and method in helping the sick. But all that time I hadn't stopped thinking about reaching my goal: to completely temper my body so it would not be afraid of winter and snow. But I hesitated to reach this goal immediately.
Successful cure of many and various ill persons showed me that I already possessed unusual powers and ability to control the hidden forces of my organism and even organisms of other people. This encouraged me toward achievement of my basic goal of tempering.

In the beginning of December 1935, Mr. Bondarenko, an acquaintance of mine (the chief of the railroad station "Ovechkino"), knowing that I was treating ill people, asked me to help his mother, who was unable to walk for 17 years.
I never had to treat such a difficult case before and attempting the cure, I decided that if I succeeded, I would walk barefoot on snow that winter.
When I began to treat the woman, who had been unable to walk for 17 years, I easily got her to walk in her room in two days. After a week she was able to walk like all healthy people. Therefore in winter (in January) at - 12 C (10 F) temperature, I removed my shoes in the steppe and during one hour walked barefoot. I did not catch any cold or sickness; moreover, I experienced a great feeling in my feet. People's surprise, misunderstanding and mockery made me to put my shoes on. But I got to know that I am able to walk barefoot on snow without any harm. Since then I have walked barefoot in any summer and winter weather.
My conditioning was not yet regulated, but in May 1936, when I worked in the Tihoretsk region as a representative of central supply in "Rostraiors", I was eventually fired because of my tempering and help to the sick. Removing all my cloths, but shorts, I decided completely and finally to dedicate myself to my method of tempering-conditioning and victory over (ill) forces of Nature and my organism. Ever since, I never put on a hat or shoes, except for the cases in cities and villages when I had to clothe myself because of people.

Hence, during the 16 years since 1936, I have been able to walk without clothes (but shorts) during summer and winter. I have studied Nature and myself more and more, and expanded the use of Nature's forces and conditions for tempering and prevention of an illness and fight against diseases. During all that time I have never gotten any cold or sickness.

5. The Results and Achievements of My Tempering.

Despite the fact that the scientists and society did not help me, but always created obstacles and interrupted my work, I was advancing as a self-taught person without teachers and theory, and achieved the following results of tempering of my organism:
1. The achievement and development of willpower and conscious management of my organism.
During one year period (1943) I dressed up (as a gentleman) and completely rejected all evil, self-destructive habits: hard drinking, smoking, foul language, violence, gambling, egotism, unrestricted and impolite attitude towards people, dishonesty, religiosity, sexual excesses and dissoluteness and so forth. I subdued all my feelings, desires and passions to my will and consciousness.
2. Have subdued the physical part and reserve powers of my organism to my will and consciousness.

I was able to stand on my feet several days without tiredness; was able to be without sleep for several nights, also without getting tired; abstained from food without losing energy during 16 days and more if necessary; abstained from water and other liquids for the same amount of time; stayed underwater without breathing for three consecutive hours; prevented elimination of the digestive tract easily without any trouble for several days; developed in myself ability for fast and long distance running without tiredness (for an experiment, in 1937 I ran from Voroshilovgrad to Stalino on a dirt road - 150 km or 90 miles in 15 hours. My goal was not to achieve a record time, but to develop breathing and training of will power and the nervous system.)
3. Learned to use unfavorable weather conditions (hot sun, cold, humidity, wind and rain, walked without clothes and shoes in any time of a year) without any harm, getting a cold or a disease, but instead, for health benefit of my organism:
a) A very hot south summer sun does not harm (my body) or cause burns.
b) Walked without clothes and barefoot in winter at -46 C (- 51 F) in frost and snow.
c) Germans (During the WW2) buried me naked in snow for 30 minutes, when they dug me out - steam was rising from my body.
d) Can swim for an indefinite time during winter in sea or river.
e) After bathing in steam house (banya), walk home hot and wet without clothes and barefoot in frost and snow, even better - roll in the snow.
f) In winter at - 4 F (-20 C) for an experiment, I took a ride in front of a locomotive without clothes from station Gluboky to Millerovo.
g) During a storm in autumn took a ride on a ship, also without clothes and barefoot, also without getting cold.
h) During spring and autumn rains, in fog, puddles, dirty wet roads I walk barefoot and without clothed with no harm but with healthy benefits more than from warm and quiet days and comfortable homes.
i) I was even able to defrost accidentally frostbitten blistered feet without any harm or traces (of blisters) in a few hours.
j) The last and highest achievement of my work on tempering of my organism was the development of defense mechanisms and abilities and their subordination to my will, such that it let me not only overcome any conditions, but conquer diseases in their beginning stage, not in just me, but in other people.

Using my ability and the hidden powers, programmed in every human being, I easily achieved the turning point in duration of even heavy long-lasting diseases, from which there were no cures by the ordinary means of (medical) doctors. Without practicing regular medicine (which I was legally forbidden), only for an experiment and on request of ill and suffering people, whom no one was able to help, I cured chronic malaria, paralysis, rheumatic disease, severe form of tuberculosis, ulcer of stomach and duodenum, cancer of stomach, asthma, dysentery, eczema, heart diseases, angina and flu, headaches, appendicitis, venereal diseases, night blindness, trachoma, and other diseases. During 16 years of my tempering I never got sick. The facts and achievements of my tempering were checked by German professors and generals during the WW 2 when I was brought to them during their occupation of Donbas. I did not reveal to them anything about my method. These facts are also known to the State Rostov Medical Institute to professors N.N. Kurchatov and A.B. Kogan, where I have been registered since 1935. Besides this, many witnesses can confirm these things and I can describe them at any time in greater detail.

6. My Method of Tempering.

In my personal practice I received all the benefits of my tempering not because of gradual exercises and a special system, but because from my birth I possessed special powers and abilities, which I ventured to develop and use via trial and error. At once I got great results.
But this doesn't mean I am alone or it is neither possible nor necessary for someone else. In contrary, it is possible and necessary for everyone, because such powers and abilities dwell dormant in every human being. He just doesn't know about them. But he can possess them by his own will.
I developed and possessed them in myself; studied all those things that in human beings and in Nature weaken and destroy, and all that strengthen and develop and found methods and knowledge to develop and manage them for everybody and myself.
I personally found (tested mainly by my healing of ill people) that all those powers and abilities, (which I bravely manifested and used, achieving unprecedented results in my personal tempering in the fight against diseases) in Nature and human beings dwell in dormant condition, even in the sick, that spent years in bed in a very powerless and helpless condition. Also many people by Nature and in favorable healthy conditions of life do possess these powers and abilities, even more than I do, but they do not know about it.

My method of tempering not only gives usual training of organism against common cold and outdoor cold, but is an awakening and development of all inner hidden protective powers of an organism, because from it a human being can (without any harm, but with benefit) overcome any unfavorable conditions and also prevent and conquer any disease, including communicable, and even diseases whose cause and origin are unknown.
Most important in my tempering is not the usual gradual taming of an organism to unfavorable outer conditions, and not a system of physical exercises and actions on the organism (that is too slow and ineffective), but psycho-technical methods of awakening, development and conscious management of inner powers and abilities of the Nervous System, especially its reserve forces and mechanisms of warming and immunity.
The most important of these psycho-technical methods of my tempering is the method of direct awakening and activation of all these forces and mechanisms, because they were and are ready and powerful in everyone, but only dwell in a deeply inhibited state, were unknown to a human being and were not obedient to his will and consciousness.
The further tempering:
-Is getting in order these mechanisms, weakened and destroyed from ignorance and destructive life style, then is in their submission to consciousness and will by systematic practice and development, strengthening and recharging of these mechanisms via various methods, conditioning and forces of Nature, and is also in discovery and use of new, unknown, hidden powers of our organism and Nature.

Duration of a one full course:
Is one year, but the first, determining results of tempering could be achieved in 30-hours or even almost immediately.
The method of my tempering is useful for every person, who wants to achieve and have indestructible health. But one person can achieve it momentarily, another in a half of a day, and others, only in one year.

7. The Conditions and Program of Tempering Based on my Method

Because my method of tempering requires awakening and activating hidden protective forces and abilities, that a person cannot awaken and manage on his own, it can only be successfully done under my direct help and guidance or persons trained by me.

The short-term course of tempering cannot be successful for everyone in every position and condition. For its success it is necessary that:

1. A person at the given moment should not be physically or mentally ill, intoxicated or distracted by something irrelevant.
2. It is necessary that a person knows about the possibilities of this tempering and that he possesses the hidden powers for it and believes that they can be awakened, and that I, Ivanov, or my disciples can awaken it, it is necessary to have the strong desire and strive towards it.
3. It is necessary to have determination and will power to receive such tempering. From that moment it is necessary to reject forever alcohol, smoking, other intoxications and sexual excesses.
4. It is necessary for the person to approach this without any (even hidden) deception on his part and without any doubt inside himself.
5. In that moment the person must be near me and be ready to do what I tell him, without any fear and doubt.
6. All the rest and the most important depend on me also.
7. First of all, I take his right arm with my right arm, press my left chick against his left chick, and lean against his chest with my chest in a way that his heart is directly against my heart. During this, I wish and say to him: " I wish that you will have my personal health, and I will take your poor health to myself". It is not important what he would answer, but he must be willing to give me his poor health and receive my strong health.
8. I am asking the person to think about me, and I will think about him. In this way I am establishing mutual contact that should never be stopped.
9. By distant transmission of my will power, as if by invisible radio waves, I am launching my thought up, into the far reaches of the Universe, and then down, into the depth of water and earth, and then to all the suffering in Nature living creatures, and after this to the man. I mentally enter into his organism with my inner vision and feeling, beginning from his brain and then his toes, arms, heart, lungs, and other organs, but not his stomach, about which it is necessary to forget.
By doing this, I awaken and turn on (as if by an electrical current) the hidden powers and protective abilities of the brain and the nervous system.
10. After this I let him go, asking him to go outside (in fresh air, if we are inside), and if we are outside, then he should look up and take three deep breaths in and out.
11. And the man, having done this, can fearlessly go into any conditions without harm.
12. Further he can daily, as an exercise, breathe in and out three times, during morning and evening, and wash his legs and feet with cold water.

A remark:
After this short-term course of tempering, if the person is suitable for it and honestly follows all my directions and own promises, he will keep and develop the given tempering all his life. Even if tempering was done during summer, he can bravely go during winter into any conditions: not only will he not lose his health, but will more and more develop and strengthen the protective powers and abilities of his organism.
The disadvantage of this short-term method is that it is not suitable for everyone at every moment and is only the beginning of tempering. The older people with poor health and power, and lacking strong faith and will, can obtain tempering only as a result of a special regimen and more prolonged work on self-improvement with my help and under my guidance.

The 30-hr course begins with preliminary:
1. A person, wishing to temper himself and receive health, knowing it can be done by my method, must address me with the request about it with strong conviction and promises to never deceive me and do everything I ask him completely.
2. After this I begin to study him, asking him about his diseases, flaws, lifestyle, listening to his heart and lungs, examining those ill changes in his body, which are visible to the eyes, paying special attention to his complaints. In this I am trying to understand where the root of problem is, that weakens the organism and causes diseases, about which the patient may not even know. So I examine each person individually, until I understand and prescribe for everyone an individual approach and a special plan of work. Regardless of each person's need of a special approach and method, in general the further work must follow in this order:
3. I ask the person to stop smoking. If he drinks (alcohol) I ask him to stop drinking alcohol and stop sexual immorality. He must, for that time, abstain from all business and passions that can tire, overwhelm and distract. He must have self-control, concentrating his attention and energy on the matter of his tempering and healing.
4. After this I request him to find, among the sick and poor, someone who really needs something and give to him, without judging and pitying him, something like money or food. Whoever doesn't want to give to others shall also not receive anything from me. Whoever has nothing to give - there is no judgment upon him - he will receive what is his.
5. When the person honestly follows my request, I prescribe to him the following regimen, which is the beginning of the very course:

In a day appointed by me, do not eat or drink, hold in all natural excretions and do not spit. In the morning and evening, before sleep, wash arms and legs in cold water and during all these experiences think of me always. I, on that day, also conduct the same regimen and constantly think of this person, going through all his organism with my inner vision and feeling, especially in his nervous system, the heart and the lungs, and into the place of the root cause of evil of the disease and weakness of this person.

6. This night he can sleep peacefully, but I will continue to think of him all the time and work in his organism.
7. In the Morning, after his awakening, I will visit him and ask about his
condition and ask him to continue the regimen till lunchtime. I will also continue (fasting) in the same regimen and think about him.
1. Everyone usually passes this test without difficulty, and this means they have the ability to achieve the result. A person, who does not pass the test or wants to cheat me, will not get anything and I will stop working with him further.
2. A person, who passed the test till the lunch of the second day, must come out in the fresh air at noon and take three deep breaths in and out by mouth. Mentally, he should ask Nature to give him life and health (as I have), and it is not necessary to ask me.
3. After this he can resume his usual regimen, accepting from life any food and liquids, etc., without fearing any consequences.
4. Having done all this, the person will feel himself anew and need not fear Nature and diseases, but in order to continue to progress further, he must daily wash his feet, take three deep breaths and never forget about me.
5. To strengthen and develop his tempering further, this person must once a week (one day per week) conduct the same regimen and procedures.

The Complete Annual Course of Tempering

During the annual course of tempering, every person desiring the course, (even a weak and sick person) can not only get rid of all his diseases, strengthen his health, receive immunity to new diseases and temper completely against harmful influences and conditions in general, but develop and evaluate the resistance of his organism year around. Besides this, a person can get to know and learn to practically use, for his benefit and health, the various conditions and forces of Nature: air and water, the earth crust, the atmospheric electricity, especially rain, cold, sun, wind, hail and snow. The annual course of tempering must begin in spring, when Nature is awakening. For the central part of the USSR, it is April 25th.

The complete annual course of tempering:
1. The preliminary part.
2. Tempering under my guidance and my direct assistance.
3. Further independent work in that area of every person.

The preliminary part:
--The person is getting to know examples, methods, and conditions of the tempering program.
--His decision, request, agreement about the complete course of tempering.
--My examination of the man as an organism, personality and his material conditions of life, especially his diseases and flaws.
--My outline of the individual's program and methods of health improvement and tempering, and first specific instructions.
Despite differences of people and their conditions (therefore each person needs an individual approach) the complete course of the program for different people has general features and is really one program, consisting of 12 steps (one step for each month).

The first month is preparatory, testing and reforming.
I ask the person to find someone who is really in need and give him something of his own, then to report to me what exactly he has given. After this -
I order the following regimen for this month:

A. Daily (before and after sleep) wash feet and legs with cold water.
B. Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or use other drugs (narcotics), abstain from sexual excesses, swearing, gambling, lies, bragging, and strong irrelevant passions, in order to nurture the damaged and weakened forces of the nervous system, consciousness, and will power. If the person is unable to manage his own flaws and get together himself and his life, all this could be easily done with my special help
C. On the second Saturday of this regimen, it is necessary to implement a special day of abstinence from all food, drinks, and sleep, etc., as during the 30-hr course of tempering, during which, the person must think of me, and I will think of him, constantly examining all his organs with my inner vision and feeling, awakening his hidden powers with live electrical current of my organism. After this, I add to the usual regimen the three deep breaths of fresh air by mouth in morning and evening, best - against the wind.
D. All this time, I am implementing the same regimen, examining his organism with my feeling, testing it, awakening and repairing. After the first day of the regimen, the person experiences a sudden change in his condition and with great success, desire, and ease continues the given regimen.
E. After this he should walk without hat in any weather.
F. The following Saturday I appoint to both of us another special regimen and implement it.
G. In the last week of the month, he must choose the day of the special regimen and implement it.
H. I am constantly supervising the condition of this person.

The second month is the restoration of unity of the human being with the Earth's crust and with society.
As an organism of a human being and his parts are the whole unit, similarly, the organism of the environment and human beings are the whole unit. As no human organ can exist and healthy function apart from the body, similarly, a human being cannot be healthy and strong if his live connection with Nature is weakened and disrupted. Therefore, the restoration of health and powers of a human being is not just a restoration of his health and powers, but also the restoration of his live connection and unity with the environment and Nature. Because a human being does not live (unlike plants and animals) directly and only in Nature, but in human society, he must, first of all, restore his connection with society in a way, that life in society would strengthen his health and powers and not disrupt and weaken it.

From this the main points are:

1. Every person must find and create for himself the most suitable living conditions and place in life, but those conditions that arise from necessity, should be met with no fear, aversion, nor nervous irritation. Wherever a person lives, he must feel bold and happy, and love our Motherland. Love unites and nourishes life forces, while fear, aversion, and hate pluck the man from life, like a flower from the earth.
2. Every person should find for himself a suitable job and love his work
and any work (even that done out of necessity). He must love it because by love, the work gives him strength, but the work, that he fears and hates - depresses and takes away his energy. But even the necessary and favorite job could cause harm, if it is poorly and unintelligently organized.
Therefore it is necessary not only to learn to love your work, but to learn to work without damaging your energy and causing harm to your health. In every individual case, depending on person and job, I can help him to love his job and work without damage to health, but strengthen (during work) his health and energy.
I want to tell about myself, that I am a man, who developed this idea in myself: the method of tempering and healing. One concept does not live and blossom without another. I am only a man, but a man gifted by Nature. It taught me the capability of using Nature's harsh conditions, so that we can become masters of our circumstances, where it is possible. And it will be possible to have and establish a situation, so that Nature would not negatively affect the human being, such as with a disease. A human being must get from Nature resistance to any small or severe disease, and establish in himself energies and the will to know the conditions and how to use them beneficially.

Since February 12, 1951 I have remained naturally in the regimen, working physically, developing the body, not fearing difficulties, breaking the steel walls for (strengthening) my body. It is evident, that I was right. When I served in Taganka and Lubyanka (Moscow KGB prisons), where I was allowed to walk outside in shorts (only), I walked and when not allowed - didn't walk, because Nature usefully serves me with its Powers. Here, in Leningrad, I prepared myself for entering into the wintertime, but every day the weather steps back and then - forth. But I am not steel, nor bronze, I am a live human being, that can deeply sense every changing thing, which is only sensible to my body, like a needle. It goes through my body. To electrosirize ( Электрозироваться) - it is not enough for others and me.

I have spent the whole month in the First Department (KGB). They took my blood, did X-rays - no deviations from normal, but only healthy results. The doctors should thank such type of patients, but they are skeptical. I don't know why the doctors consider me a quack or crook if I didn't ask them for medical help, but instead, approached with my understanding the poor health of patients. I returned the health and tempered the bodies of three patients. Also I prevented them from the future illnesses. These are the facts: I have their gratitude. But the doctors do not want to help in this matter, moreover, they create obstacles administratively, and depress by a bad attitude. I know very well my powers and will, and consider them to be my resources.
I can do the physical labor, but I am asking science and the Soviet government, not to give up my Idea, my Method, the work on self-improvement and Teaching of my Tempering, because we all will need it in the future. Their method does not save us and cannot do what I achieved, and I want to give it (free, without charging any penny, so that our money would not be spent in vain) to the science and to every human being, so that hospital beds will not increase because of patients.
All my life I had been fighting, striving with Nature, pounding on doors, and a door has opened for me. I studied the atmosphere and made it to help me to heal people. I guarantee to you (and your know it) that I did not sit in one place and daydream, but watched vigilantly and still watch and feel with every moment, that there are so many poor suffering people whom I could have helped, but for some reason our medicine and science does not want to attach my method to their knowledge, so that human beings will never become sick.
It has a huge, colossal benefit. I would never forget or renounce it, wherever I would be and introduce myself, because it is my labor and practical work. If these people (the authorities), to whom my method is necessary, will not help, then for my tolerance and hard physical work, Nature will give birth to My Immortal Business. It must live, because if I didn't experience the truth personally, then I would not have done it. But I see far, far away and hope for the future that will carry out and use my Method. What I am doing is not a piece of cake, but it is necessary to give birth to (higher) Consciousness and with it to conquer Nature's forces, and then, when a human being will achieve it, he will not be afraid of cold or hunger, but will receive such (perfect) condition of health through his Central Nervous System. The most important, the brain will become a master of the body, it will make the heart to receive the blood from the lungs, its valves will push the blood fast and energetically to all muscles, so that the protein-molecules will become healthy and robust. All this is done through the air that is present in atmosphere. The most important is that without clothes you can see and hear the tons of (natural) treasures (riches). This is the condition of our Mother Nature - the air and water, without them there is no life on the Earth's crust. I have fallen in love with it. I love Nature and all its conditions.
- February 2nd, 1951


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