My journey to India in 2003
( Ivan Olelenko )

  Arriving in India and the way to Rishikesh
In "Rishikesh"
Trekking from "Rishikesh" to "Gaindkhal"
In "Pauri" and the people I met on the way
"Joshimath" and the surroundings
The way to "Bampa" and the first steps in the height over 3000 meter
Visiting the next village "Gamsali"
  "Bampas" surroundings
  Celebration in "Bampa" - Krishnas Birth
  The people of this small village or a big family
  "Bampas" views
  Armypeople in "Bampa"
  Back in Rishikesh, but this time on the other side of the river.
  The last days I spent in "Delhi" ( Kuturminar, Lotustemple )
The last days I spent in "Delhi" ( Redford )
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