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Fear not to be nothing that thou mayst be all.
Sri Aurobindo

      films and videos on spiritual issues - Movies, documentaries, interesting interviews and funny videos with approach to spirituality.        
      Sufi Instruments played during sama "Music in Sufism" - music for sufimeditation from different countries.        
      sufism Talks on Sufism - The Path of Love

with Irina Tweedie, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and Javad Nurbakhsh

      Poetry on divine Love

Poetry from great Sufi Masters like Rumi, J. Nurbakhsh and Shah Nimatullah
      Visualisation of Roerichs Poem
"We shall see"
(in german or on the russiam page in russian) - (2005/ 5:30min. )
                                                                          - 83 Mb (mpeg2)

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        Videos from the Jorney through Russia in 2004        

Impressions from journey to Russia in 2004

- visiting museum of Roerichs
- visiting other museums in Moscow
Place where Serafim of Sarow used to live.

      You may ask where is the money. Money is not needed. Money is nothing. For the past twelve years of my life, I did not know where the next would come from; but money and everything else I want must come, because they are my slaves and not I theirs; money and everything esle must come. Must - is the word.
Swami Vivekananda